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Kyle Brown
Mike Schertenlieb

Photos by Frank S. Renberg

Kosta Karis
Mikey Olsen


Kyle Brown & The Human Condition are a Folk-Rock Fusion band formed in Muskegon in early 2022. Front man, Kyle Brown, led the Grand Rapids based band, Bigfoot Buffalo, from 2014-2019. KB & THC picked up where Bigfoot Buffalo left off, fusing Americana, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, and World Music together to form a truly unique style of Folk-Rock. Infectious riffs and melodies wrap around lyrics touching on environmental, social, and philosophical topics. With songs meant for listeners to explore the full meaning of "the human condition", the band represents their name to the fullest extent. Their sophomore release, an EP titled "The Touch of Grass", released on May 3rd, 2024 and is available anywhere you stream music.

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